Approaching Zanzibar (Bin End Stock)
Paperback, 107 pages ISBN: NHB1559360081Publication Date:
1 Sep 1990
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Approaching Zanzibar (Bin End Stock)

By Tina Howe

Paperback £7.99£4.00


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A mystic comedy that celebrates family bonds in the face of dissolution, new life in the face of death, and art as a response to mortality.

Wallace Blossom, a middle-aged composer who teaches at Juilliard, hasn't written a note in years. Charlotte, his wife, suffers from hot flashes and dreams of crying babies. Together with their colourful children, twelve-year-old Turner and nine-year-old Pony, they set out to drive across country to visit Charlotte's dying aunt, a renowned artist. Approaching Zanzibar shows us the journey that both reveals and renews their lives.

Press Quotes

‘one of the smartest playwrights we have’

New York Times

'celebrates the bounteousness of family devotion and shows that the greatest fear of all is a necessary, even exhilarating, part of living'

Wall Street Journal
Paperback, 107 pages ISBN: NHB1559360081Publication Date:
1 Sep 1990
£7.99 £4.00You save £3.99 (50%)

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